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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Peek at My Workspace!

Every has places or environments in which they are most creative. It could be a favorite chair in a corner of room, that coffeehouse with free wireless that you visit so often, a nook in your local library, or if you're lucky, and entire space that you have dedicated to musing and working on your creations. For me, this space is a converted bedroom which stores all of my supplies and is decorated with keepsakes from the fun and fancy free years that I spent as a teenager. I'd like to share some of that with all of you!

My Creation Desk

This is the production line in my studio, where I comfortably sit (often with a small space heater at my feet) and bend, twirl and wrap wire into my favorite wearable works of art. The small image on the wall with the bars in it is a motivation reminder that by doing this, I'm investing in what I love and will someday be able to break through the bars of the typical 9-5 job that most of the world is telling me is "normal" (Pffff!), or simply to "break out of the box" and do things differently.

"Break Through Conformity!" Grade 12 art project

This is another reminder for me not to be afraid to do my thing, be who I am, and share what I love with the world. I went to a high school that required a uniform, and when I made this, the checkerboard base represented the way that my education seemed to consistently urge me to conform and do what I was told and be like everyone else. When you break out into your own thing it's a wonderful feeling of independence, but sometimes that sort of escape can leave a scar (look closely and you'll see the palm has been pierced by a shard of glass) I like to keep this sculpture around, and it's handy for holding some of my wires!

Small yarn sample!

Some of the things that I sell in my shop have been crocheted, you might recognize some of that yarn from my Lollipoppin's (brooches that look like lollipops). I always have some yarn and my hooks handy in case I want to play with some new designs. You never know when inspiration will strike!



  1. Paige- my desk is definitely not always like that! I have a bad habit of making a big mess there, and instead of cleaning it up so that I can work on something else, I just make a new mess in a different place ;p

  2. love your work space.. I'm jealous:-)

    Irina from SnobishDesign

  3. Very cool! I don't really have a particular workspace set up yet, but one day... *dreams*

  4. It was great that I was able to claim a whole room for my creating, but for months I did it where ever I could within my small apartment. My fiancee often came home to what I called "yarnsplosions" all over our sitting room, or wire and findings all over our kitchen table. If you don't have a dedicated craft space, try out a dedicated craft carrier- I keep most of my wire supplies in a toolbox that I pretty much carry around everywhere with me (you never know when you'll want to make something!), and also decided that one medium sized bag was enough for my current yarn projects. If you love it and you can't stop doing it, you'll find a way!

  5. wow organized AND colorful, good deal. that hand creeped me out a little, but it totally works!