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Friday, September 9, 2011

Spotlight on Two Sellers at Fan Expo

During my adventure at the Fan Expo convention in Toronto I perused through many amazing artists and their creations, all of them full of love and hard work and definitely some very unique and creative ideas. I'd like you to meet two people who were selling items that I just fell in love with.

Introducing the awesome creations of Kuma Crafts from the mind of Mandi :)

Mandi's awesome laser-cut acrylic creations literally stopped me in my tracks. Above is one photo that I took of her display. I'm like a raven sometimes- I can't help but hone in on bright colours and sparkly things. If anything looks good enough to eat, I'm all over it! Mandi's creations were right up my alley. After giving my peepers a visual feast of eye candy...

...I chose something for myself!!


Then I asked Mandi a few questions.

What's your favourite thing about vending at Fan Expo?
- It's my first time vending here but so far I have loved meeting so many different people and creating a connection. I love developing relationships with my customers.

What inspires you?
- There's definitely a strong Japanese pop-culture influence. I love things that are cute and colourful and kawaii.

What's been your bestselling item during this show? Is it available online?
- Ninja Cat! It can be found in my Etsy shop.

I can see why this item is a bestseller! Especially at a con. Click on the photo or follow this link to see it in her shop:  Ninja Cat from Kuma Crafts

After saying my farewell's and thank-you's to Mandi, I eventually made way to Needlings where I met Heather and her peachy-keen plushies.

 I immediately thought of one of my besties, Amy, who adores owls. Needlings is a shop full of plushies, among them are some bright and colourful, big-eyed owl sweethearts with a penetrating gaze that just makes you want to take them home.

Plushies in an assortment of sizes, keychains, snap-pouches, pins, and a variety of other awesome creations can be found in the Needlings Etsy shop and a variety of retail locations. I asked Heather my three questions as well:

What is your favourite thing about vending at Fan Expo?
-Definitely people watching. So many interesting people make their way through this show, and they're not holding anything back!

What inspires you?
- Colour, kids, cartoons, and cute, fun things to name a few.

What has been your bestselling item at this show?
-The Owls!

So adorable! To find some of your own, click on the photo above or follow this link: Needlings Etsy shop