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Marvel, Muse, Manifest, Materialize. Welcome to February Jones: The Blog. While you're here I might challenge some of your opinions, show you something you never knew before, or if you're lucky, I just might melt your brain and bring you a new way of viewing the world and your place in it. And I have accessories to help you remember these new ways of thinking! View my Etsy shop items just to your lower right in my CraftCult widget, or by clicking on the Merchverse tab above. See what some of my customers think in the Testimonial section, and check out all on my interweb featurettes in the Media section. You can even watch some awesome Etsy videos in the Etsy Fun! section. I hope you enjoy the World of February Jones and come back often, things are always changing.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Musing...

If your life was a movie, would you want to see it? 
       Imagine that you are the director... 
                the writer... 
                      the star... 
                            You are.

From the Etsy shop Soulful Sayings

It doesn't matter whether or not other people want to see the movie of your life, but if you're not even interested in it, well you've got work to do my friend. We are not powerless in deciding the direction and value of our lives. If the movie of your life isn't something that you're interested in watching, re-write it! You're the one with the pen, you're the one directing the drama- if there's too much of it, cut some scenes, if there isn't enough of it, maybe it's time that you added to the storyline. Need some new characters? Try joining a different kind of social circle, be adventurous, expand your interests or pursue them with more zeal. Everyone should have a life story that they are interested in, because if you're not interested in yourself and what you're doing with your life, why are you doing it?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing... The Lollipoppin!

I love candy, sweets, delicious things... but I think that part of what I love about them is the way that they look! When I was a little person, I remember walking past candies in the checkout, loving to look at all the different things, but I also remember that seeing a rainbow swirl lollipop was an especially rare thing. You had to be in a real candy store to see yummies like that. Even though I almost never got to have one, I would be delighted just to look at the colourful tempered sugar swirls, winding and twisting together. So I created lollipops that I wouldn't try to actually eat, and instead treat my eyes to a yummy rainbow delight.

I've designed four tempting flavors for your peepers to devour:

Thanks bestowed upon my amazing lifemate Jim for helping me get the packaging together :)

Each one of these mouthwatering morsels of sweet inedible eye candy are available in the February Jones etsy shop. Click here. Or click in the widget in the sidebar. Or Enter The Merchverse at the top of the page. Many roads can lead to the same destination ;)

Remember there's still a giveaway going on right now! It will be running until February 1, so get those entries in. You can see a pic of the giveaway item and read the details in the blog by clicking here, or you can go directly to the Facebook Fanpage and read all of your entry options in the Discussion. If you enter (and I hope you do!) I wish you the best of luck!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Giveaway!

My February Jones Facebook Fanpage finally broke 100 fans, so I'm having a giveaway! Wouldn't you love to own this fabulous Quantum Set? Featuring a Quantum Squiggle Pendant Necklace and matching Quantum Rosette Ear Studs. Classy, fun, original, and unusual all wrapped up in one!

You can see more photos of the giveaway item on the fanpage.

This is a Facebook giveaway, so the main focus is to get fans to the fanpage. Here are the entry rules:

-Mandatory entry: Let me know you’re a facebook fan! Post on the fanpage if you just joined, or let me know you’re already following.

You can get 17 or more additional entries in this giveaway! Here’s how:

-Visit the February Jones etsy shop, then post a link on the facebook fanpage of your favourite item from the store (1 entry)
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-Follow my February Jones blog, or let me know that you are already following by posting the blog name that I should check for on the followers list to confirm (1 entry).
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The giveaway will run for 2 weeks, from January 18 to February 1. I will contact the winner by sending a facebook message. After the winner has been contacted, it will be announced on the fanpage.

Good Luck!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Adversity Blossoms

When I first found myself in a position to work all day on making lovely things for people to wear and accessorize with, the first thing that I made were Adversity Blossom Brooches.

I've been playing with different yarns, and have found myself making Adversity Blossoms again. They are called Adversity Blossoms because I wanted to create something to represent overcoming obstacles and finding your own way through life. Obstacles don't fall into our paths so that we can be defeated by them, they show up to force us to new heights, to ask us to think differently, to make us push ourselves to creative limits, and to help us appreciate what we have. When you are faced with adversity, you can whither and back away and get stuck, or you can rise to the challenge and see what will grow.

I love the cotton candy colours of the yarn that is used for the inside blossom- it is a specialty Italian yarn that's a nylon/tactel blend, and each blossom has an accent in the middle (buttons and beads on the 4 pictured). Each blossom that I make will have a general reference to an adverse situation or encourage the wearer to remember something that will help them overcome a challenge that they face. I'm also toying with the idea of "customizing your challenge" so that customers can let me know what they want their Adversity Blossom to represent and I'll include a card that will help remind them.

The mixed fibers also make me really love these new Blossoms. They are so textural that you can't help but want to touch them. And what a great splash of colour to add to your jacket or purse or sweater in this mostly grey and white season!

I think I found myself working on these again because it's January- a time for new resolutions and goal setting and focusing on overcoming something that may have held you back in the last year. I've been reviewing the adversity that I've been dealing with and am getting a clearer picture of how I have made that adversity blossom into something that I can be proud of and something that I love to do.

I know these look finished, but they still have a step left so they aren't for sale in my shop yet, but if you have any questions about them or would like to order one please give me a shout! februaryjonesetsy@gmail.com . I hope that this month has brought about lots inspiration for new beginnings so far in your lives, and if you want a reminder that's also a bloomin' gorgeous accessory... *laughs* well then you know where to find me :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

A Treasury for the New Year!

This treasury is inspired by the new years resolutions that we all try to hold to- I know we don't all make it to the end, but maybe this year, instead of making a resolution that feels like a huge challenge, instead remember that you can never prevent change. Everything is always changing- ironically, that's the only thing that stays the same. So realize that you are always changing, and simply try to direct that change to where some of your resolutions might lie. Here we go 2011!


Wishing you all the best changes this year!