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Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Musing...

If your life was a movie, would you want to see it? 
       Imagine that you are the director... 
                the writer... 
                      the star... 
                            You are.

From the Etsy shop Soulful Sayings

It doesn't matter whether or not other people want to see the movie of your life, but if you're not even interested in it, well you've got work to do my friend. We are not powerless in deciding the direction and value of our lives. If the movie of your life isn't something that you're interested in watching, re-write it! You're the one with the pen, you're the one directing the drama- if there's too much of it, cut some scenes, if there isn't enough of it, maybe it's time that you added to the storyline. Need some new characters? Try joining a different kind of social circle, be adventurous, expand your interests or pursue them with more zeal. Everyone should have a life story that they are interested in, because if you're not interested in yourself and what you're doing with your life, why are you doing it?



  1. Thanks you guys! I think it's really important to want to be the star of your life :)