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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introducing... The Lollipoppin!

I love candy, sweets, delicious things... but I think that part of what I love about them is the way that they look! When I was a little person, I remember walking past candies in the checkout, loving to look at all the different things, but I also remember that seeing a rainbow swirl lollipop was an especially rare thing. You had to be in a real candy store to see yummies like that. Even though I almost never got to have one, I would be delighted just to look at the colourful tempered sugar swirls, winding and twisting together. So I created lollipops that I wouldn't try to actually eat, and instead treat my eyes to a yummy rainbow delight.

I've designed four tempting flavors for your peepers to devour:

Thanks bestowed upon my amazing lifemate Jim for helping me get the packaging together :)

Each one of these mouthwatering morsels of sweet inedible eye candy are available in the February Jones etsy shop. Click here. Or click in the widget in the sidebar. Or Enter The Merchverse at the top of the page. Many roads can lead to the same destination ;)

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  1. You are unbelievable!

  2. so cute what a great idea!!! i luv all them but my fave would be the blue raspberry

  3. Thanks for the lovely feedback guys!

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  5. Your post on the promotions page caught my eye. Just wanted to say hello and to drop by. ;-)

    Follow you, follow me, best of luck there may be.