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Marvel, Muse, Manifest, Materialize. Welcome to February Jones: The Blog. While you're here I might challenge some of your opinions, show you something you never knew before, or if you're lucky, I just might melt your brain and bring you a new way of viewing the world and your place in it. And I have accessories to help you remember these new ways of thinking! View my Etsy shop items just to your lower right in my CraftCult widget, or by clicking on the Merchverse tab above. See what some of my customers think in the Testimonial section, and check out all on my interweb featurettes in the Media section. You can even watch some awesome Etsy videos in the Etsy Fun! section. I hope you enjoy the World of February Jones and come back often, things are always changing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Taking the Leap

Breathe, and jump right in. You never know where you'll land if you never get off your feet, so...

Photo is Card 0 - The Fool from The Trascendental Game of Zen, Osho Zen Tarot

My name’s Maria. "February Jones" is a bit like my alter-ego mixed together with thoughts, dreams, and the creations that are available in my little Etsy shop of the same name (www.februaryjones.etsy.com).

I make things.

Correction… I love to make things. I’m crazy about it. It excites me. It challenges me. It’s just fan-freakin’-tastic, and I would not be who I am if I was denied the privilege of creating as often as I can and as freely as I want. I am a Maker of Things.

Right now it’s mostly jewellery, but I also crochet and knit, and I love finding new ways to repurpose and recycle things. Sometimes I paint, or collage, or write. I’ve always been “different”, and not always by choice, but you play the hand you’re dealt- or so I learned in time. My mom wouldn’t buy into the trends that I demanded as I grew up, and though it may have been hard to take as a kid, I can’t thank her enough for it now.

My fiancĂ©e James and I don’t subscribe to cable (which has gone over fine with his soon-to-be eleven year old daughter. Imagine that, a Tween surviving without cable tv...) and I hate paying full price for new clothes, or well, anything “new” really (I thrive on second-hand shops, “previously-viewed” DVD’s, and free entertainment) because, really, is anything ever actually worth the original sticker price? (as a holder of Commerce degree specializing in Marketing, I know that it never is). And besides, who is to say that we all value the same things equally? I love who I am and I stand by the choices that I make. I love to learn, and share ideas, and think about weird things… often while I’m making other things, so sometimes my brain is running on overdrive.

I hope this blog will encourage people to look for more not just in their consumer products, but in themselves, their lives, and their world. There is more meaning out there for those of you who are willing to look, but don't take my word for it. Go and find out for yourself.



  1. Your blog looks great and I look forward to checking it regularly. Your creations are so wonderfuly inspired and beautifully made!!
    Great Work!

  2. Keep going - you'll see blogging is so much fun.