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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today, Small Craft Table... Tomorrow, The World

I finally got all of my creations together in one place- or rather, on one table. It's something that I've wanted to do for pretty much my whole life so this first experience was a bit of a dream come true. I became a member of my local artist's community, Art-in-Guelph so that I could take advantage of discounted table fees at the different events that are hosted by Art-in-Guelph. It was a small step in the right direction, and perfect for my first time working a table.

 Free "small space" setup during a weekend event that I couldn't get a table for- Quantum Squiggles

There were 7 or 8 other artists present and our tables were set up in the wide open aisleway of a uniquely styled mall space in Guelph called Old Quebec Street. I spent 2 weeks preparing my table, arranging my jewellery and accessories, and of course, creating as much stock as I could. In my free time I researched different sites and blogs to find tips for first timers and this blog post from Mermaid's Closet was awesome!

My first event table set up... Such excitement!

When the big day arrived, I was rushed but calm. I woke and drove my fiancee to his carpool, got my (future) stepdaughter up and off to school, then quickly dressed and prepped myself before heading to my studio space to collect my things and motor to the show. I had a dream that morning that I forgot to load a chair, so I was confident that I couldn't possibly forget it. I did... (Thanks for coming to my rescue Mom!)That morning was much busier than I had anticipated, but the excitement I was feeling balanced out my emotions. Shortly after getting set up, some of the other artists started to visit because they noticed a new face among the regulars. I was building up my confidence to introduce myself (sometimes I can get a little shy, which a lot of people find hard to believe) so having people come to me made those introductions a little bit easier. The warmest welcome that I recieved by far was from Nicole, who runs a shop called "Fawn" and I absolutely fell in love with her feathered headbands.

 A new earring display made of steel wire inspired by my new friend Nicole of Fawn

I made a Facebook event and invited lots of people so I did have a few familliar faces stop by the table throughout the day. Visits from people that I knew was a great way to increase my sense of familiarity and comfort with the whole experience, it really did feel like this was something that I did all the time- almost as though friends were stopping by my place for a coffee and a chat. Having them show their support was also just a great feeling, regardless of whether or not they purchased something. When you have a group of people behind you that support every step you make, you really begin to feel like you could do anything.


  1. I need to be brave enough to do this!!! How was the interaction with the public?

    I had a bookshelf at an outdoor fair and it was rewarding to see people interacting with the art. Also I noticed that in person...people are more likely to sign up for a newsletter...to enter a giveaway...I was surprised about that...

    This is inspiring to me...plus I love your jewelry...

  2. Oh! a quick question...how do I follow ...so that I'll get an email when a new post is up?

  3. How wonderful to be considered an inspiration! And yes, people are much more likely to do anything in person as opposed to online interactions. Looks like you figured out how to follow, so just check on your dashboard and it will show all of the recently updated posts for blogs that you follow. Glad to have you!