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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Awesome Custom Experience

First off, let me say that I love creating custom orders. It's so fulfilling to create something with that little bit of "extra special" because you know it is being creating with special intentions or with someone's own specific tastes in mind.

Well, this past Friday, a wonderful family of three stopped by my table near the end of the day. I liked them right away because so much of my work caught their eyes and they really seemed to enjoy looking at everything that I make. They noticed the one pair of Jingle Bell earrings that I had left and I just loved them. But they wanted 2 pairs- a mother/daughter set, and it would be Abigale, the daughter's first pair of dangly earrings. I let them know that I do custom work and showed them the remaining selection of coloured jingle bells that I had. Each of them selected their own combination of 3 bells, and Abigale scooted in behind my table to see how I make them.

 What a sweet duo!

I gave her the step-by-step lowdown and she watched intently as her first pair of dangly earrings were being created right alongside her mothers. When I finished (about 7 minutes later), her mother asked her, "Abigale, who do you want to change your earrings for you?" She was a little timid and nervous about the possibility of it hurting, but after watching my fingers deal with so many little pieces she was ready to let me try to remove her studs and said "I want her to do it!" I carefully took them out, and Abigale was so surprised that she didn't feel a thing when I put in her new earrings. With a big smile on her face, she gave her head a shake to test out the jingle and was so excited to experience this new milestone of dangly earrings.

Mother and Daughter enjoying their new Jingle Bell Earrings :) 

Both mother and daughter were quite happy with their new holiday earrings, and even though they both have big smiles on their faces, I don't think they were quite as happy as I was to have been lucky enough to have them as customers. It wasn't a big purchase, but it was the most memorable experience of my holiday selling season and that's something you can't put a price on. Below you'll find a short little video of the two of them jingling their new earrings. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays! It's moment like this that really bring out the joy of this season.


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