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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you haven't discovered the website "Pinterest" I highly recommend that you check it out! This is what it looks like:

The basic idea is that you can create different 'Pinboards' which act just like a bulletin board you might have in your home office or studio. As you surf the internet and come across things that you might want to remember, instead of bookmarking the page and losing it in whatever bookmarking system you have (verbal descriptions in bookmarks just didn't cut it for me) you can 'pin' the page and select an image that will appear on your chosen 'pinboard' for easy access to the page. You can use this system to organize gifts that you want to purchase for people, to keep track of creative DIY yourself projects that you want to try, inspiration for your home, ideas for an upcoming event like a wedding... basically anything that you want! Each time that you pin something, you can tag it for easy searching and include a comment/description/reason you've pinned the image. Other users can also leave comments on the images that you've pinned, or if they like what they see they can 'repin' it to their own pinboard. Cool beans!!

If you're an Etsy user and like making treasuries, this place is like heaven! Every pinboard is a treasury with no limit on how many things you can put in it.

Pinterest is still in beta, so you have to wait a little bit to receive your invite once you request it, but it's worth it! And you can browse what other users have pinned without having an account yourself so you can still have fun while you're waiting. It's the coolest system that I've seen for organizing and sharing information that you find online. There's also a social aspect to the site, but since I've only been using it for a few days I'm still learning.

Are any of you Pinterest users? What do you use it for? What sort of themes might people find if they check out your pinboards? Let us know in the comments.

Try it out, and happy pinning!



  1. We love this idea. It's a great tool for creatives who are used to mood boarding - and we've appeared on a few Pinterest boards too : )

  2. "mood boarding"! I love that term! Never heard it before but I think it's something I'm going to have to try out :)

  3. I've got a pinterest account and love it as a go to for inspiration. I have to have my fix at least once a day!

  4. I love pinterest. I use them for mood boards or if I find someone I want to feature in the future on the blog, it is a way to remind myself. And it doesn't clutter my work computer with 450 favorited websites.

  5. I definitely enjoy my daily fix! I love the combination of useful and addictive ;)