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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY Jewellery Frame

This DIY jewellery frame project has been making its rounds of the blogosphere and the internets, so I finally broke down and gave it a try myself. Until now, I had been storing my jewellery in a very classic three-tiered jewellery box, cream coloured on the outside, red velvet inside. I'd had enough of it taking up two-thirds of my dresser space and getting this project done was part of an initiative to create the same sort of bedroom space that I'd enjoyed as a teenager- you know what I mean... the place where it's safe to dream and write in your journal about your hearts deepest desires- where your mind and spirit are free to roam and adventure and you don't have to answer to anyone else. So here we go!

 Nothing beats wearing a bowtie while you're crafting ;)
-wooden frame; any size you like. You won't need the glass or the backing so don't spend lots of money on an expensive frame. Check out dollar stores, garage sales, flea markets, and second hand stores like Value Village or a Salvation Army. *The thicker the frame is the better so you have some flex room with your aluminum mesh and won't have to worry about any of your screws going right through the wood*
-crafters acrylic paint and a brush or spray paint if you want to co-ordinate the frame with your room, etc. Mine was already gold.
-small screw hooks, I used 5 along the bottom for my necklaces
-2 small closed loop screws (to hang the frame)
-aluminum mesh/screen, of dimensions a little larger than your frame
-staple gun
-wire cutters or strong exacto knife (the dude at the hardware cut my section with an exacto knife)

Time Required:
About 20 minutes to put it all together, and then it took me around a half hour to get my jewellery transferred on to it. Don't forget to include drying time if you choose to paint your frame.

What to do:
1. Measure the size of the frame around the outside perimeter and cut your aluminum mesh to approximately that size.
2. If you want to paint your frame, this is the time to do it! Let it dry completely, according to instructions on your paint or spray paint.
3. Starting at a corner, use the staple gun to attach the aluminum mesh to the back of the frame. Make sure the mesh is taught, you don't want any big folds showing up in the middle.

I'm screwing in the necklace hooks!
4. Once the mesh is attached, screw in the hooks that you want for your necklaces along the bottom of the frame. You can screw them so that they are pointing down, or so that they are at  right angle to the frame and pointing outwards. Mine point down because there was a stylish bump around the front of the frame. Space them equally, whether you are using, 2, 3, or 5.
5. Add the two closed loop screws to the top of the frame, to use to hang it on your wall. When you're ready to hang it, you can either put hooks in  your wall, small nails, or even a length of wire between the two loops to hang it from the center.
6. Hang it on the wall and add your jewellery!



  1. It looks really great--and it's a nice big size, too--I find the ones you buy from the store are just way too small.

  2. No kidding! I've never seen anything in a store that could possibly hold and display everything that I want. That frame is 16" x 20" and you can see that I could have used a few more screws for the necklaces. I made a little jewellery tree out of steel wire for my rings and earrings that don't agree with the frame. I should post that sometime :)