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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Closer Look: Quantum Rosettes

 Quantum Rosettes just after completion!

Quantum Rosette Earrings are one of my bestselling items, both in my Etsy shop and at shows, so I thought I'd give you a closer look at them. It's rather like an act of meditation, creating these ear studs. Turning a length of wire into a Quantum Rosette requires a level of open-ended creative focus, similar to how you might feel after peering at a mandala for a while. The swirling, coiling motion of wrapping the wire over itself always brings with it thoughts about the universe and how similar each one of us is to the vast empty space in which we all exist together.

"There are worlds within worlds, and you are an example of this." -Quantum Rosettes

The atomic structure that creates the molecules that you are composed of are each like micro-universes, coming together to create the person that you are. How ironic that you are also like an atom, a small piece of planet Earth, contributing the structure of the greater universe that we are still exploring. It almost seems that the nature of being is a single pattern, repeated at different levels throughout all existence. You as an individual are both a part of the greater pattern being expressed, but are also an example of the pattern itself.

These earrings are designed to remind you that:
-Although you stand alone as a unique individual, you are also part of something greater than yourself that you can't even fathom.
-You may feel like you're alone, but the thoughts and energies that you put out into the world become a part of that greater system and will affect other components and energies.
-In a very fundamental way, you are the universe, and if you remember this in your daily activities you will find yourself becoming more aware of your presence in the moment.
-Our lives are built of moments, and if you're not present in those moments, then you're really just standing on the sidelines of your own life.



  1. These earrings are so beautiful, great colors.
    I now follow you.


    Blessings, Mary O

  2. Thanks for the compliment Mary, and welcome to the blog! I hope you enjoy your visits :)