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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Fantastageddon

Black Friday.

This was a term that never really had that much impact on me. I'm Canadian, and I'm not a big shopper, and it's taken a while for the events of this calendar date to trickle into Canadian retail. Before this week, "Black Friday" was just another day, except it usually had higher casualty rates for shoppers who found they couldn't keep their footing amidst human stampedes at the entrances to stores with mega sales on limited products ("But my kid NEEDS a Tickle-Me-Elmo!!!"). And so I find myself in an unusual place, because now I'm a little retailer, and of course I'd like people to spend the money that's burning a hole in their pocket on my products, but I don't promote senseless consumption. We are a collection of people who don't really need more "stuff"- we've got plenty of that filling our homes, storage units, garages, and garbages. So my perspective on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is that it's an opportunity for sellers to offer lower prices and increase their sales, and an opportunity for buyers to find meaningful products at prices that let their dollars go further.

 Cotton Candy Brooches - Currently only available at craft shows. Inquire if interested and outside of the Guelph area ;)

I put a lot of thought and effort into the design of my jewelry and accessories so that whoever wears it is doing so for a reason that is hopefully related to the intrinsic meaning behind the product. Each piece that I sell is handmade by my 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, and there is an added level of authenticity that goes into a handmade item that you can never get from a mass produced product. So on this shopping weekend that launches the holiday shopping season, I encourage you to spend your dollars wisely. When someone hands me a ten dollar bill in exchange for a pair of earrings or a cotton candy brooch, I am thrilled to know someone loved my product and to see exactly where my work is going, and my customer can see it on my face and hear it in my voice. Does Apple smile at you and shake your hand when you drop $200 - $300 on an iPhone?  You work hard for each dollar that you earn, you should spend it where you know that each dollar you pay is equally appreciated and deserved.

P.S. YES there IS a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale and promotion going on in the February Jones etsy shop! Kaleidescope Necklaces, select Quantum Squiggle Earrings and Quantum Teardrop Earrings are all on sale. PLUS if you purchase 2 or more items I will send you a FREE pair of Quantum Rosette Earrings in the colour of your choice (include colour choice in your notes to seller when you purchase, otherwise you will get a random colour). Visit the Etsy shop to browse!

Happy Shopping!


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