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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Confession: I'm a Geek

A lot of people are surprised when they find out that, well, I'm really a geek at heart. If you hadn't started to get that impression already (how many people do you know who will happily discuss the implication of quantum physics on our ability to determine reality, which of the two Star Wars trilogies is better, how awesome it is that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are making a Bill and Ted 3, and the frustrations of waiting for comic issues to be published as trades all in the same conversation?), well, I'm laying it out in the open for you.

I am a geek. See?

Fan Expo 2010 in Toronto- no I am not dressed up as anything specific, just me. Fewer heads turn at an event like this ;)

Really, it isn't liking specific things like comic books, or cult movies, or anime conventions that makes me or anyone else a geek. It's the willingness to openly share the things that you love and the unstoppable urge to totally "geek out" about those topics for which you hold a passion. Don't be ashamed of the things you like! So what if your friends don't like all those things too- if they're your friends they'll love you anyway (and maybe even because of those things!), and if they leave you in the dust because you like to dress up in fox ears and mentioned that you can't wait to obtain the matching tail, then you're better off without them. Don't allow yourself to become empty because you're afraid of what other people might think. The coolest people I have ever met are the ones who not only wear their hearts on their sleeve, but their passions as well.

My fiance Jim's daughter proudly showing off her super geeky Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver at Fan Expo 2010

Being passionate about something means that you think of it as more than just a now-and-then hobby. It's something that you always want to learn more about, something that you want to pursue whenever the opportunity arises, something that you really wish everyone that you knew loved too because it's just so awesome that you want everyone else to experience it. I'm able to share and spread a lot of my geeky interests through my February Jones products, which are all inspired by the many things I consider not only interesting, but also important. I think the term 'geek' is so often relegated to the domain of comic books, video games, Magic: The Gathering or other collectible card games, and epic films because the people who love those things aren't afraid to show it and often have to actively seek out others to share their geeky passion.

 Our haul from Fan Expo! I love that bread t-shirt... (some of those comics will be used for Bubble Danglers!)

My mom is a singing geek (she finally followed her passion and took vocal lessons so that she could join a choir which she has been a part of for about 5 years now) and a nature geek (never traveling without copious books to identify the local flora).
My dad is an astronomy geek (we once had an hour long discussion that began with "Dad, what is a black hole, really?").
My fiancee is an independent music geek (he is an encycolpaedia of knowledge about local and not so local independent Canadian bands and isn't afraid to go to a concert alone if it means he gets to see one of these coveted groups).
One of my aunts is a book geek who once said, "I can't be without a book to read. I'll go crazy. I'll even read a bad book before no book at all. I'm finishing this one very slowly because I don't have another one lined up yet."

So consider this my challenge to you. Find your inner geek... then for god's sake RELEASE IT! Let it out! Introduce it to the outside world and be proud of your quirk. It contributes to the awesomeness that is you, and the people you love shouldn't be deprived of the knowledge of something that gives you so much geeky joy. And you just might start getting more thoughtful gifts too ;)

Please share your geeky passions by leaving a comment!


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  1. I've rediscovered my inner Tolkien geek recently. I'm so deeply into the lore right now that I've picked up some Elvish as a side effect. I was at a bar the other night with a friend --the only other person I know who has read The Silmarillion-- poring over Elven genealogy tables. And I didn't feel the lease bit self-conscious about it! Good times. :)