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Monday, November 22, 2010

Secrets and Symbolism

Sometimes you have a secret and you just can't wait to spill the beans to someone, but sometimes you have a secret and you just want to revel in it in solitude. Knowing something that no one else knows holds a certain je ne sais quois. Be it small or large, keeping a secret to yourself helps define you as an individual. In the same way that a secret between friends brings you closer together, a secret you hold dear brings you closer to yourself. Consider a lucky charm. You may tell others why it is lucky, but only you will truly understand its significance. A lucky charm is a symbol of an experience or a memory that is intrinsically tied to you as a unique person with unique ways of perceiving the world around you.

Quantum Squiggle Necklace - Light Blue and Dark Blue

I strive to infuse all of my jewelry and accessories with a kind of symbolism that you can latch on to. Because each item is handmade by me, each one is unique. I have some styles (like my Quantum Squiggles) that can never be exactly duplicated and so their unique symbolism is woven directly into the finished product. When one of these items becomes yours you know that no one else possesses it and it is free to become one of your signature items, just like a lucky charm.

There are many general symbols that speak to us on a deep and intuitive level. When you take a secret and turn it into a symbol you embody it, you permit yourself to connect with something on the foundation of emotions and intuition. You make it a part of you in a very intimate way that no other person can touch. A symbol represents so much more than what it is made out of. The levels of intangible meaning far outweigh the visual representation. As Tiffany Jones aptly wrote in her article "Revealing the Secrets of Symbolism", "symbolism allows for the unspoken to exist". And doesn't it make a secret that much more delicious when you wear a symbol for it openly knowing that the hidden elements are still yours alone to enjoy.



  1. Fabulous! I love how much meaning you put behind your pieces... each one is different special!

    Keep creating!! ❤

  2. I meant to say "different *and* special!" Ooops!

  3. "different special" makes it sound like a specialer kind of special. *giggle*