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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marvel, Muse, Manifest, Materialize

If you ask me, there is nothing more fun and rewarding than to be part of the creation of something, from start to finish. When you make something, there’s no mystery about how it came to be. You marvel about something wondrous, rolling it about in your mind like a dream you’re afraid you’ll forget. Then you muse about it- it pops into your head unbidden and you start to think about ways to make it real. Then you take action and that dream of intangibility begins to manifest. It comes out of your mind through your fingers and into this tangible world of reality, and before you know it, something that never existed before has materialized through no other actions than your own. 

It’s a bit like magic- learning to command different forces around you to come together to become something greater. Visit my Etsy shop to see what has come of the spells that I have woven ;)


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